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Red wine
Nebbiolo d'Alba

Denominazione d'Origine Controllata


The origin of its name maybe came from the fact that the berry, are very rich of bloom, look like there are surrounded by the fog: some others said its name came from the period of its belated maturation, and make it harvest to be made in autumn when the fog is present in our region.


Grapevine: Nebbiolo

Color of the grapes: black

Characteristics: medium sized clusters, with pyramidal shape, semi compact

small sized berry, spherical –ellipsoidal shaped with dark violet bloom-covered peel



 the must remains in contact with the peel for 6 – 8 days then putted in another pool to continue with the alcoholic fermentation. The new wine after 5 or 6 months, racked several times, is putted in oak barrels, and remains here for about 18 months, and then bottled. It takes the name after a year of refinement

Wine characteristics:

 subtle ruby red with rare garnet reflections; It has a delicate fragrance and ethereal; fragrant, full body bouquet

Food matching:

 perfectly matches with the traditional food of Piedmont like “bolliti” and the “bagna cauda”, and hunted meat, and aged cheese


 at a temperature of 18 – 20° C. It holds well a certain period of aging